We are RRA Eco Bricks located in Damak, Jhapa.

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RRA Eco Bricks is a Interlocking Bricks industry in Damak 7, Jhapa, Nepal. We work as a franchise company to Eco Cell Industries located in Kathmandu. We provide sustainable, resilient and eco-friendly building materials for construction of individual homes and public buildings.

Currently, we are manufacturing interlocking bricks (CSEB) from one factory facility located at Damak. This industry is promoted by a group of skilled staffs dedicated to quality bricks for contruction.

Our Services


We use thoroughly tested raw materials and machinery to produce durable, eco-friendly bricks ready to start construction. Currently, we have one manufacturing site located in Damak.


The safe transportation of your order is equally important. We are committed to your satisfaction and take care of delivering the bricks safely to your construction site.


We are ready to provide any consulting services needed for the use of CSEB including building designs and drawings, construction supervision, training the construction workers.


Compressed Interlocking Brick(CSEB) is proven earthquake resistant technique in India, Pakistan and Iran. It allows to build high quality and earthquake resistant structures at low cost. Department of Urban Development and Building Construction has acknowledged CSEB product as earthquake resilience building material in Nepal.

Eco Friendly

The bricks need no firing thus has zero carbon foot print which helps in keeping the environment clean and protects the ozone layer. Ecological Bricks reduce Green House emission by 86%.

Cost Effective

The use of CSEB reduces cement/concrete, reduces the use of steel bars, eliminates plastering, reduces labour as well as significant reduction in construction time, resulting in lower construction cost.

Earthquake Resilience

The bricks are designed to interlock with each other, also the holes in bricks are suitable for reinforced steel rods in part of buildings that is most vulnerable during the earthquake. Thus help in building earthquake resilience structures.

Brick Fitting

Perfect fittings with common mortar, polymer mortar, glue PVA or even just being seated.


The ducts in wall provides thermal comfort in hot and cold days and also protects from external noise.

Electric Hydraulic

Avoids conventional system of wall breakage during electricity and water pipes installation.

Beautiful Finish

The bricks form a flat, smooth surface, can apply paints and plaster for beautiful finish.

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Start your construction with these eco-friendly, earthquake resistant bricks.

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